100km of Namib Desert

100km of Namib Desert

A race in the desert, in southern Africa, in an area
of absolute beauty and security.

BECAUSE: Running in the desert does not necessarily mean sleeping on the
ground, eating freeze-dried food and carrying heavy backpacks over your shoulders.
There is another way to experience desert running,
the 100 km of Namib Desert .

This is the only 5-star desert race, for the environment of the Namib desert,
the most beautiful and ancient in the world, but also for the
logistic accommodation in a fantastic 5-star lodge.

It remains a demanding race, but the 5-star logistic arrangement helps with
the necessary recoveries to face the 4 days of competition
which are all different from one another.

A week in the heat to break the cold European winter, great atmosphere,
charm and emotion, but also a lot of relaxation and comfort.
These are the ingredients of the program, an unforgettable
holiday of sport, nature and … adventure

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