Marathon des Sables

Marathon des Sables

36th edition ~ from 25 March to 4 April 2022 ~ 250 km in 7 days

In March 2022 Aldo will participate in the legendary Marathon des Sables  in the Moroccan Sahara.

At 28 years of age, Patrick BAUER decided to make for the Sahara to try to traverse a 350km expanse of uninhabited desert, on foot, alone, where he wouldn’t come across a single village, oasis or watering place. Totally self-sufficient, with a rucksack weighing 35kg and containing water and food, he set off on a journey which was to last 12 days. It was the starting point of what was to become the MARATHON DES SABLES.

The MARATHON DES SABLES is a foot race, open to runners and walkers, with several stages, free style, and with food self-sufficiency over a distance of about 250 Km.

Each participant must carry his/herown backpack containing food, sleeping gear and other material.

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