Garmin Team Trail

Garmin Team Trail

Unfortunately the Garmin team trail of 2020 was cancelled because of COVID.
Determined to each complete their part of the 200km, Serge and Emanuele decided to create their own alternative challenge. Check it out on the member quest page.

In october 2019 Serge and Emanuale litteraly ran into each other during the 100km of the Sahara.

While running and sweating together in the desert they soon learned that they had a very similar mindset when it comes to physical performance as a way of dealing with issues that can trouble the mind.

In running, they both find a way to clear their mind, while pushing their bodies to cover ultra distances on challenging terrain.

Their next challenge together will be the Garmin Team Trail where they will cover a distance of 200km as a 2 person team in 36 hours.

The Garmin Team Trail offers a new competition format in moutain races that brings together the adventure of an activity in non-stop format, teamwork and the discovery of a long and diverse travel from north to south Catalonia.

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