Alternative to Garmin team trail – race report

Alternative to Garmin team trail – race report

On June 6th 2020 Serge and Emanuele would have participated in the 200km estafette Garmin team trail in Spain. Unfortunately, due to Covid19 the Garmin trail 2020 was cancelled. 

But instead of just cancelling the race they both commited to running their part of the Garmin team trail in their own country. This meant that on June 6th 2020 they ran 100km with a 3.000 meter ascent simultaneously. 

Friendship, dedication to our community and determination made sure they met their target.

The report

At 7 am sharp both runners started their 100km quest in excellent spirit, weather conditions in Belgium not so good as in Spain…

It was a challenging and very long day with emotional ups and downs, but their determination never wavered.

Finishing in respectively 14,25 hours and 17,75 hours they both did a wonderfull job completing their own 100km team trail with a brutal 3000m ascent. 
Without a doubt the 2 thoughest ultrarunning members of our R2R community. Great job !

The goal

Serge - Belgium - Trois-ponts

Serge will run 10 laps of 10km of the Extra Trail Trois-Ponts.

Emanuele - Spain - Barcelona

Emanuele will run 10 laps op 10 km in Parc Natural de Sant Llorenç del Munt i l’Obac

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